Pre-Draft Support

GMB Management Group puts premium value on our athletes' physical and mental preparation leading up pro combine, pro-day and private individual workout preparation. We believe in investing the resources in our clients to assists with this process as preparation is paramount to our success. A player specific nutritional, strength and conditioning plan is designed for and followed by each player.

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image Contract Negotiations

Professional athletes need to ensure that they are maximizing their worth both on and off the field. This can be challenging without the services of a knowledgeable and trusted agent who understands the athlete and their personal objectives.

GMB Management Group is registered with several professional sports associations and we provide a wide range of sports agency services that include the negotiations of player's contracts, performance bonuses, and endorsement and marketing contracts. Our team of experts in contract negotiations is dedicated to representing and managing the best interest of the athlete.

image Marketing and Endorsements

GMB Management Group has high level relationships with companies that use superstar athletes and celebrities to endorse their products or services. We assess opportunities to find the right partnership for our clients' off the field aspirations.

image Career Management

GMB Management Group believes life after a playing career is just as important as when the athlete is in the game. Career management is about leveraging the athlete's career so that they and their loved ones have the resources to enjoy life to the fullest both during and after their playing days.

GMB Management Group provides professional advice and guidance to assist the athlete in their post-career. These services encompass contract negotiations, public relations and endorsements.

image Private Coaching

In today's generation of sports, we've become entertained with speed and athleticism. Lost is the art of skill. Learning technique and sound fundamentals are essential to skill development. This is the key to consistency and greatness as there will always be a "better" athlete. But FOCUSED skill development perfects the "best" player.

Our Mission Statement is to provide an exceptional representation experience to our clients built on our uncompromising principles of trust, honesty and integrity.